Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Announcing... the opening of my Etsy shop!!!

Would you like to buy an HLM creation? For example, this fine (small) piece of wall art?

Or this one:

Or maybe even a set of 3 to decorate a narrow bit of wall in your home:

You could also pick one of these excellent blank cards to send to someone special:

Or even a set of 4, offered at a discount!

Please come by today! (Free shipping for anyone I know personally!)


Ashley said...

Heather, I'm so excited you're on etsy finally! Good for you! I like your products and I think others will too. I like how you photographed them too, with the night stand and vase of flowers, esp. the three wall hangings.

Anonymous said...

woot woot!!!! yay babe! I am so proud of you. I know getting the shop up and running is such an important step!. I think you did a great job of leading us into wanting those pieces in the post too :))

I also LOVE those cards you made. and they are each a work of art i can say firsthand!! so happy to have my own.

AND the photo of the swap! wow. soo cool. I wonder if regina at creative kismet would be interested in participating next time. she's the one who did the bird swap.


Deborah-Eve said...

Congratulations Heather--your site is wonderful and interesting and it's super to see what you been up to. Love the cards you made for the swap. I think they absolutely work as miniature paintings. So, here's to lots more art making!