Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Should" vs. "Dream"

During a phone conversation with Amb over the weekend, I was saying how I felt compelled to make things for other people, that there were things I "should" make. I said I was struggling with wanting to fulfill my dream of making art for myself or things I could sell, but that I was feeling obligated in another direction! Amb said, "Well between 'dream' and 'should,' I'd go with number one!" Put so simply, it made it seem silly to have had any sort of indecisiveness regarding how I should spend my time.

This afternoon, I read a great quote by Henry David Thoreau: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." So tonight while in the shower, I had a design inspiration for an apron. I promptly sat down in my room and created a prototype. It's close to what I had imagined, but not quite, so I'll definitely try making another one. Introducing, the craft apron. Something to hold cleaning supplies or screws, wipe your gluey fingers on, stand on a ladder and hammer something in. Made of durable but cute fabric, you can be stylish while truly working.

Front view:

Back and side views:

Two things I learned: that I want the black to not be plain cotton, which is all I had to make this one tonight, but rather that durable fabric similar to one the colorful circles are printed on. And that there is such a thing as an apron that's too long! After thinking I was complete with this, I had to cut three inches off the bottom and re-sew it. Much better! Also, I tweaked the actual shape of this apron so that when it's not being worn, it looks more trapezoidal in shape than rectangular. That makes it fall straight on the side.

While in Cali the first time last month, my cousin handed me a stack of old photos and when I was looking through them again this weekend, this one caught my eye. This was my first Christmas and that's me and my mom. And so, a love of aprons was born!

It is time to live the life I've imagined, I think!


Anonymous said...

cheers to that!

isn't it great to learn all those little bits that make your vision truly become reality? Though am sometimes impatient with them, they really have become tools in my understanding of how to make my best creations.

I was reading my journal last night and came upon something about practice. I think frequent practice and persistence will help achieve the life we imagine.

Another quote I really like is:
The best way to predict the future is to invent it!
-Alan Kay

Lindsay Gage Natale said...

That picture of you, trish and the apron! That is just kismet I think. I love your ideas, and relate to the concept of living your "want to" life rather than your "should" life. I am having a struggle right now with this great opportunity to teach at a cooking school ( a different one than I told you about - this one is the real deal!) and not being with my babies. It is challenging! Do what you want to do now, especially so that you are established when you do eventually decide upon having a little one. Can't wait to see what you create next!

Oh, and I LOVE that quote, Ambra!

Ashley said...

I love all these quotes... especially live the life you imagined. Heather, I love that pic of you and mom. You are mesmerized! xo