Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've had lots of art time in the last couple weeks and I want to be sure to show you what I've made! In preparation for my trip to Europe in July, I made 5 quilt tops, to eventually be turned into quilts for some of the babies I'll get to meet! I don't want to spoil the surprise, so here's a glimpse, Crazy Mom Quilts style:

I have to admit that straight-up quilting doesn't really do it for me anymore. My heart just isn't in it, and there is always an aspect of self-imposed obligation to it when I create one. I mean, who wouldn't love to receive a quilt, especially for their child? For that reason, I've loved to give them. But I don't love making them. After thinking more about it, I decided that for another baby I'll be meeting, I would just do something different, and I am SO pleased with what became of that challenge.

I found this awesome shadow-box frame at Goodwill for 5 bucks. It had some awful thing in it that easily came out. My mini-quilt, about 12 x 12, is a huge improvement! If you click on the photo you can see an up-close view of all the stuff that's in it, and below are some other perspectives.

Finally, I made some excellent fabric greeting cards, a start to the type of cards I plan to start selling in my online shop (to begin with). That shop should be created by the end of 2009 at the latest. I'll be sure to announce its grand opening when the time comes. These cards are made in the style of Denyse Schmidt, whose book Quilts, has provided unending inspiration for me for many projects.


Ashley said...

Hey Heb, I didn't hear about working one less day per week. I'm so proud of you! Each month you achieve more and more for your spirit and soul and that's really to be admired. I love you! Ashley

Anonymous said...

Productive to say the least! I CAN'T WAIT to bask in some artsy moments very soon.

That shadow box "quilt" is very handsome. Quilt spirit with a different presentation and decorative feeling.

And the cards...even though you got pretty nice images of them I have to say that in person they are so much better. They really are about texture too. Though the photo gives you a chance to step back and look at just the composition. The one furthest to the right is my fave. I wonder how to get a truly representative photo?