Thursday, August 21, 2008


There's this neat website called Illustration Friday in which the people who run the site determine a word of the week, and then artists are invited to create something that represents that word, then post it by Friday. It is a neat website. Ambra suggested we try it out together. This week the word is detach. So here's mine. I've thought all week about it. Meanwhile I've hosted company, my bathroom is a construction zone, I've had an extremely busy week at work (lots of stuff to do on the computer), there are dishes to be done, birthdays to remember, babies being born (or new mothers to support), and we have three days before more company comes. There is a lot to do. So I drew this tonight, a visualization of me "using the force" to keep all that at bay while I deliberately make time for myself to make art. To detach from everything I feel keeps me from doing what I most want to do. If I'd had more time, I would have liked to make it all of fabric and paper combined, a sewn picture.

Drawing is something I've done for a really long time, and my drawings often look more cartoony than I'd like, I think because of my use of thin black lines on white paper. I hope to someday take a drawing class. So this type of medium is comfortable for me, and I appreciate its ability to get exactly what I'm trying to say in the image. I can focus so much on detail. How can I move away from that comfort zone and still feel like I'm getting what I want into an image? How can I develop the patience to try new mediums out, experiment,
take the time, when I can count on my old standbys to get me through in times of need?

I want to trust my instincts more in my art, and feel ok about having a few more ruffled edges, a few less clear lines.


Vickie said...

I had to detach from all that household and worldly stuff to get my IF post finished too. It would be lovely to be able to draw more and not have so much pulling us away from art.
I'm glad you gave IF a try.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the world at bey so you can detach and do your art. Nice. I understand how you feel. Keep on doing your thing.

kathy hare said...

Hmm.. this looks familiar! :) a clever take on the word that we can all relate to..

Connie said...

I love your illustration. Good luck in your pursuit! I think we share a love of drawing and making things. I've recently learned to love 'paper art' (good with the scissors) and making rubber stamps (again, scissor work). I always believed that Kindergarten was my favourite year in school!