Saturday, March 8, 2014

Atmospheric Perspective

I thought you'd enjoy this progression of the drawing I worked on for my class last week. The point of the assignment: to create the illusion of distance. We had to bring three photos with us to class: foliage of some type, a building, and and animal/vegetable/person. 

It is probably most fun if you click on photo #1 and then Blogger will show you all the photos in a row, so you can toggle back and forth to see the differences in each one. There is at least an hour of work between each of the photos here.  The fourth photo is the final (taken at night, thus the yellow coloring). 

People in my class really liked it, and the teacher put it up in the hallway's glass case!  I feel like I'm in 1st grade with an accolade like that!

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