Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspired: Wayne Thiebaud

Toward the very end of last semester I learned of Wayne Thiebaud, a contemporary painter who is known for painting cakes, ice cream cones, and other bakery items. I love his use of color. Look at the shadows. They are blue and orange, yellow and green!  Plus the outlines of his plates are super colorful too. There is no black at all in this painting.

Meringues by Wayne Thiebaud, oil on canvas
Well, I was inspired, and I had some birthdays coming up, so I made some cards.  Here they are. They started as painted backgrounds of colors that I love. I just kept adding color upon color, like Thiebaud does.

This was the first one.

I had  to make one of a cake, of course!

Didn't have time to make a scan of this, just a snapshot.

More cake!
Inspired by the Memory game I helped to make in December.... 

I can't wait to make more!

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Nessa said...

I just love all that color! My favorite is the citrus.