Saturday, July 27, 2013

NEW! Fort Collins Creative Community Center

Words cannot express the joy I felt last night while attending a local art show. I stood all smiles there even when I wasn't interacting with people! Let me tell you why.

In our first week of my art history class (less than two weeks ago, although it sure feels like more), we learned about the Salon exhibitions at what is now the Louvre, hosted by the new art association of the day called the French Academy.  If you've been to the Louvre, you know it doesn't really look like this when they display their pictures now, but apparently back in the day, this is how it was, stacked to the ceiling:

Have a look at this, the first show ever to be held in the new Fort Collins Community Creative Center!

The event was a result of what they called an 'open-hang' show.  Between 12-4pm that very day, they invited any artist to come with hammer and nails to hang a piece. The one rule was that it had to be 6 inches from anyone else's.  I got there at 12:45 and already, people were having to stack their pieces.  By 7:00pm, when I arrived, this is how it looked.  It was so so cool!  The organizers did nothing to re-arrange or change how the artists themselves hung (or displayed) their own work.

Can you spot my tiny piece on this wall? 

 (Hint: don't look for a frame)

I'll take a better picture of it when I go again sometime in the next month, but here it is:

Here I am  with Barbara Gilhooly, who is probably my favorite artist in Fort Collins. I visited her studio last year during the Studio Tour and have been inspired ever since--she is really something!  Check out her work here.  Last night she did me the great honor of buying my piece!!!!!

I actually want to put about a thousand exclamation marks right there. 

I loved the magic of the way the show turned out, the collaboration and community, feeling like I was in some way connected to the French Academy's annual salon that happened for so many years, and connecting with the artists I admire.  Of course, Barbara made the night complete with making me feel truly legitimate amongst my peers.


Barbara said...

Heather, the honor to collect your work is all mine. Ayn was thrilled to hear we will have one of your amazing pieces! Thank you, Barbara

Anonymous said...

I too ache for how the art community came together in history. I think about how Francesca Woodman had the Maldoror in Rome and an empty, abandoned building that the local artist had access to. I dream about having a local hangout for artists like they did in the 20's in Paris (?) but instead of a bar, I'm thinking coffee house or eclectic bookstore. I just found out about the FoCo Creative Community Center yesterday and I'm excited to see where it goes. Congratulation on selling your piece and I enjoyed your blog.

Ashley said...

Heather, I really like how you placed the FC show next to a depiction of a Paris salon! I remember on some of my travels seeing peoples' private homes with art stacked to the ceiling like that, with no space in between. Talk about overwhelming! At least FC required 6 inches between the pieces! Congrats on having a piece sold!