Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Year Of The Snake

I've mentioned before the virtual baby shower that my friends here in Fort Collins and I threw for our friend who lives in Boston.  I wanted to share the cute group gift that we made for her.  Earlier in April, we all gathered in Parsley Art Studio and made our own contribution of an 8x8 felt square.

Here is my square, to remind our friend that she is part of our Colorado community, despite her distance, and that the snake final product is because the year the baby will be born in is the Year Of The Snake!

Later, Haley and I spent an afternoon sewing everyone's squares together to make a snake out of it.  This is me stuffing it.

Finally, here is the final product, both before it was stuffed and after.  Super cute!! It's final length turned out to be between 5-6 feet.

Our pregnant friend and her husband loved it. :)

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Ashley said...

Cool project Heather! Thanks for sharing!