Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have some stuff to post! I'm going to spread it out over a few posts though, to keep you coming back for more...

First, thanks to all of you who read my last post and continue to boost me up with your support and encouragement.  I am so grateful to those of you who really believe in my work and vision.  You truly keep me going!  I am continuing to work on learning more about the business of art. This weekend I'll be spending some time at the airport and so plan to do some more research then. I plan to let you know what I learn!

Here is one of my mom's recent watercolor paintings. She painted it this summer and of all her works, this is one of her faves. It is so simple and yet has depth, despite a minimal number of colors.  I like that the shadows are blue.

I was inspired!  I have been wanting to try some type of still life but not with paint.  I studied her pears and then wrote out where certain colors should be, and used tiny pieces of colored paper to achieve this mosaic effect:

Then I cut it out, distressed the edges, glued it on some lovely watercolor paper and painted a little grey paint underneath.  That was one of the hardest parts! (I think I painted 4 different versions of the shadow before I decided on this one.)  I turned this little frame (found at the second hand store) into a shadowbox, so the glass isn't touching the piece.

Then I shipped it to my mom for her birthday!  It is traveling around with her on her big road trip through the southern USA.

A side note: I have posted these Valentines before, but I told Dennis at The Eyes Have It that I'd post them again so that he could put them on his website!  (He is selling them at his shop.  Thanks, Dennis!)  If you're interested in seeing this year's newest designs, come back next week for four additional designs I've been working on.


Ashley said...

Hey, I recognize those Valentines! I like the way the pear looked before you cut it out. There's something about that mosaic effect I like... probably as evidenced by my card swap cards! xo

Kyran said...

I love the pear before you cut it out too! And after. What a lovely present for your mom.

Annie said...

I love the pear!!! It reminds me of watercolor quilting which is my favorite quilt genre. How special for you mom.

Anonymous said...

5,8*, 9 were my favorite. All you work is beautiful! Andrea