Thursday, March 8, 2012

Potholder & Baby Shower Invites

I was making some Wonky Squares aprons with the black background (instead of white) a while ago and found a red-themed square that I just adored the color combination of.  So I made a second square just like it and thought I'd turn it into a pot holder.  I needed to repair another beloved potholder in my kitchen, so the two projects combined gave me a reason to buy insulated batting.  Here is how the Wonky Square potholder turned out. It is actually a pocket pot holder.  Your hand can fit in between the two layers.

A lot of time recently has been spent in preparation for a friend's upcoming baby shower.  I can't give anything else away about it just yet, since she's a loyal blog follower, but at least here is a view of the invitations, each one a little book.  They were really fun to design and then make.  My favorite part was putting all of them in the mail, a big dose of love going out into the world!

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