Saturday, February 4, 2012

Works In Progress

Last night, my friend Katie said she'd like to see more of my works in progress.  She pointed out that all I show you are finished items, but she likes to see and hear about the process along the way.  So for today, that's what I'm showing: something I've been working on for a long time.

This is what this piece of paper looked like in July 2011 (I had painted it this way at least one year earlier):

Since then, I've made some considerable adjustments. Now this is what it looks like!

I know, a total 180.  Literally, too.  The paper has been turned 180 degrees  and re-painted.  You can see a hint of the orange from the top right corner on view #1 underneath the purple at the bottom left of view #2.  And a tiny amount of bright pink from the lower left corner in #1 survived up near the wing in #2.  If you're able to see the underneath layers in these images (click on the image for better views), you'll see similarities there too.  There are certain underlying things that I still very much want to show!

Hmm... where will I go next with this one?

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