Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday Time Creations

Happy 2012!  January is usually a big month for regrouping and getting back into my routine, and seeing as how this is my first post of the new year, this January has been no exception.  I think since our birthdays are in mid-January, that the holiday season feels like it extends a little longer.  There's still celebrating to do, after all! 

Below are some photos of this year's Christmas card!  They were inspired by the pop-up card I made for last year's card swap, but these were a whole lot simpler.  The third photo is a variation I made with some scraps, which I thought turned out just as cute if not as cool as the original idea.

At the Fine & Funky Art Show, my new friend Jennifer sold pendants that she made out of fabric, lightweight wooden discs or squares, and epoxy. I was inspired to try to make them myself, just as a fun project to do with friends.  So my friends Katie and Haley and I made these one afternoon in December, along with some Christmas cookies (not pictured!). Mine are the two in the 2nd photo.  The rectangles are about 1.5 inches high.

You know how much I love aprons, and I've made many an apron similar to this one but with white instead of black.  Haley said, "I wouldn't wear a white one because I'd be too afraid to get it dirty!"  This comment inspired me to make this black one this week.  I like it a lot!  (Secret: there's a pocket behind that orange square!) The black poses a different problem, almost as annoying as dirt or stains on the white one: lint, fluff, and pet hair.  Thank goodness for lint rollers!  Check out my Etsy shop if you'd like to buy this (or any) apron!

And so, I'm back for 2012 and I plan to post at least once a week starting today.  In 2011 I had 37 posts, and I aim to beat that in 2012!  I also plan to host more giveaways this year, and offer up a few video tutorials.  Please save my blog address as a favorite so you can be sure to come back each week to see what is new.  I'm looking forward to having you around.


Nessa said...

I absolutely LOVED your card, and showed it off to lots of coworkers. The pendants are so pretty, and I always love your aprons. I still have the one you made me years ago!

anne rainbow savage said...

Love the photo of you two!

Phuong Nguyen said...

thank u so much for your christmas and b-day card. loved them! and the black apron is awesome!!! keep it up! luv u!