Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Next 100

Sorry to keep you waiting over the last week, loyal readers! (Pesky day job getting in the way of creative time.)  I've been working hard on getting my surprise giveaways finished and sent out to those of you who left a comment on my 100th blog post.  I didn't want to post those photos just yet, so I thought I'd show you these neat little cards I made up in a quick minute today.  They are just leftover bits of collage that I had from previous projects, and leftover white watercolor paper from making my sister's wedding invitations, and voila!  10 handmade note cards in a jiffy.  Perfect for a little tiny hello or thank you or love note.

Here they are spread out like playing cards so you can see that they are actually very small.

For the title of this post, I thought that you may be interested in what lies in store for the Art By HLM blog.  I definitely plan to continue showing you what is going on in the studio on a weekly basis.  I would like to expand a little, and provide some tutorials (in video?) of how to make some great stuff.  I am really trying to increase my readership, and would love to hear ideas you may have for attaining that goal.  I hope to make the blog reading experience somewhat interactive, so you easily remember to come back often.  

Honestly, I'd love your ideas!  Post a comment below, or email me using the contact info to the right.

Now that school is back in full swing, I hope you'll start seeing me at least once a week now.  And, in case you missed the awesome article that was published about yours truly at Brittany's Best, please pay a visit and read all about it!  I'm famous!


tracey said...

You are so prolific and awesome! I just spent some time here and will spend more in the future. Good job by you! Love the advent calendar on the etsy shop. I bet you'd do well at the Fine & Funky show that Maggie Kunze runs. If you don't know her, let me know and I'll hook you guys up.

Are we still on for next wednesday?

tracey said...

Ok, so I posted on the wrong post, but whatever. I Love these cards! I was just thinking today that tomorrow during gallery walk I'm going to work on some cards myself! Back to the basics!!!! - tracey

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Adorable cards, Heather! As you know, I love small things... anything small I will buy. In other words, what a great idea & I hope you will make some more and put them in your etsy shop. Oh, and I read the article -- how awesome! Very cool!

Phuong Nguyen said...

the little cards are awesome. i love how u just find creative ways to reuse stuff. and i really like the idea of posting or showing tutorials to get your readers more involved. i really miss learning from u in person since i'm so far away so this would be the next best thing. and btw, the article on u is great. u really are famous. yay!!!