Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hobby Horse

Hullo, how do you do?

I made this fantastic hobby horse for our niece! Her birthday was in March (ahem!), but since she's just turned three, hopefully she won't notice our belatedness! (Click on the photos if you want to see them closer.)

Below: the side view, then the mane (Paul picked out the yarn for it, and I threaded in each "hair" individually), and then the view from the bottom, as the head connects to the stick.

And, for a laugh, press the play button below... (thanks to Marilee for the hat!)



Tara said...

It turned out wonderfully! She'll love it, I'm sure! See you Wednesday!

ambrella said...

yay for video!!! you are the cutest my love, just the damn cutest!! I love you sooooo much and your hobby horse is mighty splendid. Ithink your niece will have some wonderful adventures with her new friend!

lindsay said...

I LOVE IT! What a great creative idea! We used to have those - don't see them anywhere anymore though. How are you going to get that down to Chile??? You can just send it here to my house instead...hahaha...! Lex wanted to watch your video again and again - you are adorable! loves to you creative girl!

Ashley said...

Wow Heather! It turned out great! And how did you post that video?? Very cool! A new email, too? Exciting! Love you!

Jessica Pearce said...

That is really cool and adorable!

Vid said...

Ah ha! That horse it adorable! Nice work.