Monday, March 1, 2010

Not this time

Just a short update: I didn't get accepted into the art show. Apparently, this is the biggest turnout they've had in their 5 years of the show. They had 150 works to jury, and in the end they chose 40 to be featured (less than a third). I'm not surprised that I didn't get in, since when I went to turn my piece in, I got to see some of the stuff I was up against. And it seems that the program is focused a little more on arty science than it is sciency art. I am really glad that I put myself out there, and proud of the piece I submitted. It felt like it represented me and my style really well. So, onto the next challenge!


Lindsay Gage Natale said...

Aww man! I like that you are on to the next challenge!!! Kudos on trying - that is awesome in itself.

Anonymous said...

It's totally great that you got to get a sense of why you might not have been chosen. Your work will be better appreciated in an environment where that's what people are coming to see. I am proud of you for doing it your way!

Hey and the envelopes...I just sent you a letter made from a calendar envelope! You totally got me doing that. They make great gifts. I packaged a whole set with stamps and nice paper, ready with double stick tape on the tab. it was PRETTY! And I'd say lining makes it prettier, but that paper is already heavy. Maybe it could be an option upon purchase?

Haley said...

I like the envelopes. Perhaps you would like some old calendars of McPherson, Kansas to add to your collection?

I think $1 to $1.50 each would be about right.