Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Developing My Own Style

Having a day off a week is affording me the time to practice a lot, which is so good, as it means I can finally begin developing my own style. I mean, I think I have a style, but a lot of it feels borrowed from other people. So I'm working on it.

Last Wednesday, I was inspired by this photograph my sister took of one of her friend's daughters, as well as one of Kelly Rae Roberts' newest paintings.

©2009 by Ashley J Hamrick (visit her blog here to see more)

Brave In All Things by Kelly Rae Roberts ©2009

What I liked about Ashley's photo of the girl is that she has such a unique expression. Is it curiosity? Contentment? I-love-being-the-model satisfaction? I'm-starting-to-get-impatient? Whatever she was thinking at the time, she sure is darn cute, and carrying an expression that is intent and interesting. Brave in All Things inspired me because of the background. Be sure to visit Kelly Rae's blog (post from 8/31/09) to find out more about the painting and meaning behind it, but be sure to notice the depth of texture and color in the background. On the sticky note I had in front of me when I was first looking at this painting, I wrote a list: stamps, cut-outs, cursive, circle blots. I also noticed the colors, the bold black line separating the top and bottom, and the woman presented in the foreground.

While I worked on this for most of the day, I listened to NPR and, in the evening, Obama's address to the joint session of congress regarding a vote for his health care plan. While I understand the expense and the many complex details still to be ironed out, I am generally for the plan. It is somewhere to begin, and I so strongly believe Americans should be looking out for one another. That a plan should be passed, so that all of us (not just the privileged) can be cared for in our various times of need.

And thus, For All of Us by HLM ©2009

Painting measures 7x10". Click on the image for a closer view.

Last night I dreamt I met Kelly Rae, and that I had a chance to ask her about her techniques and painting style. I promise, I am not obsessing over her! But she is really present in my thoughts these days. So this morning I bought her book, Taking Flight, online (probably the closest I'll get to actually meeting her and having that discussion). I can't wait for it to arrive!

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Tara said...

I really like your painting! I loved reading all the little words of wisdom! I can't wait to see what you blog button looks like!

Anonymous said...

i like the feeling of follow with the meaning you infuse it with. though it stops up my tongue a bit. it's easier for me to say Studio Follow. I am a sucker for rhyme and alliteration. It makes me think Follow Hollow. :)

Hey! I just made a blog button for Wrinkle and am working on all that stuff this week. We are really so parallel sometimes. Got a new look for my blog at too! Fun and easy.