Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I made this super fun card for the 2nd birthday of my young friend Sonia, who lives in Italy. It is a series of bright cardstocks, to which I stuck photos mostly of her and a short birthday message, and then covered in packaging tape for durability. I think what I love the most about it is that I feel it is a completely original creation, not something I've ever seen before, and totally personalized to her and her age. I am SO pleased with the outcome!

The best part was that Ambra (Sonia's mom) wrote to me in an email today:

"Sonia LOVES her card, and so do I! You truly made it for her, and that is soooo awesome. The fact that it's a book, which is a word she can say, and that it has all these photos in it, she just looks at it and looks at it. I almost got her to say, "Heather," but the best she could do in the moment was one of her newest words 'alio' which means garlic."

I totally laughed out loud!

Here are some close up views, the front and back:

Ever yours,


Lindsay Gage Natale said...

That is so great! I totally laughed at the garlic bit :). That card is so creative and lovely - I think you really are on to something there. Maybe you should personalize and sell those little books for kids. Matteo LOVES looking at pics of himself and people he knows. Great work!

Carolyne said...

This is truly adorable! I was going to go the $$ store and buy a little plastic thingy to put pictures in for my 20 mo/old granddaughter, but now I'm going to do it all myself. You've brought this great idea into an Inspiration. Thank you.
I found your cute blog from the "Flirty Apron Swap".
((hugs)) Carolyne

Anonymous said...

Yay for garlic!

The book continues to be a success and The photo you included of you holding her at 2 months of age has not gone unnoticed. She really looks at the and comes back to it, like she knows that you made the card and the she will see you again. She said a new version of your name yesterday; hede

it is soooo cool!