Friday, March 20, 2009

Variation On A Theme

Obviously, I couldn't wait to get started! Here is the "circle album" but in the form of a very elaborate birthday card for my sister's 30th.

(Click on image for a closer view.)

In the prototype, we used card stock for everything. In this one, the base layer is just good quality writing paper (makes for easier folding), and the colors are a mix of scrapbook/craft papers, card stock, and fabric (yesssss!--check out that green corduroy). Also in the first album I made, we folded and glued the base layers into place and then adhered the colored quarter circles and embellishments. This time, I left the base circles flat while decorating, which made writing, gluing, and detail work much easier, then glued it all together as a near-last step.

Other additions: velvet ribbon, sequins, pockets for interaction, and a pull-out letter (see above, bottom-right three photos). Other materials include cotton fabric, brads, paper flowers, photos from Ashley's early birthday celebration in Colorado last December, brown satin ribbon, and press-on images. The red on the edges is done with a mini-stamp pad and is called "distressing" (new word for me). With all the pieces to cut out and my insistence on perfection and extreme detail, this piece took about 6-7 hours to complete.

Katie asked for instructions. Here is what I received with my kit at the class:

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Lindsay Gage Natale said...

Wow - that is intense and beautiful! You know Ash is really going to appreciate that. Amazing work...Brava!