Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everything Has Its Place

I recently read in the "Studios" issue of Craft, Paper, Scissors one woman's philosophy that all art deserves to be made. I thought a lot about that as I made this piece. Mixed media collage in the style of the "Evidence" piece I made in August, though I feel I'm moving more toward my own style in this one. I started the base of it just days after that workshop, then came back to it--to add layers and depth--after our company left in late September. I am still not where I want to be as far as what my style is, but I am closer than I was before.

I went to a great art show a couple of weeks ago and saw lots of paintings, one of which was called the Red Canoe (I wish I had written the artist's name down), which inspired me. Also, while enjoying a coffee at a local coffee shop with Paul, I was inspired by a tiny painting by a local artist named Betony Coons, who calls her business Gray Sparrow Art (check out her neat website!). Both the Red Canoe and Gray Sparrow's mini painting "Story" helped me to see more where I'd like to go with my painting, so I am going to aim for what I envision what my painting could be, and mix it up with the collage I so love.

Just the fact that there are so many other artists out there is inspiring. They have forged the path ahead for me to follow. I have the courage to create and push my envelope and then share it with you all because they do. Thank goodness for them!

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